The Wish List Guide

The hardest thing for me every year is; Christmas, valentines day, our anniversary and my birthday. Really any event where I have to provide people with gift ideas for me is the most difficult thing, it always has been. My parents say that when I was little before Christmas they would have to take me to Toy’s R Us and see what I looked at or what stood out to me because I could never just write a letter to Santa.


So for the girls just like me, for the women who struggle with the gift ideas, here is a list for you of genuine gifts you would use, love, and possibly really want. I’m also going to stick to gifts from amazon, due to everything going on I want it to be easy to access for you.

For The Fitness Junkie

  1. Premium Waist Trainer
  2. High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets
  3. Thinner Leaner Stronger
  4. Core Max 2.0 Smart abs and Total Body Workout
  5. Exercise Ball & Workout Guide

For The Make-up Guru

  1. Makeup Organizer Set
  2. Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette
  3. Makeup Travel Case
  4. Morphe 7 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set
  5. Makeup Brush Drying Rack

For The Movie Buff 

  1. Amazon 4k Fire Stick TV
  2. Amazon Fire Tablet
  3. Hulu Subscription
  4. Video Projector
  5. Projector Screen

I hope I was able to help at least one person find something that they actually want to ask for! Happy wish list making everyone!

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