My Favorite Work Out Attire

With my current fitness journey, mixed together with the current pandemic situation it is easy to imagine one thing.

I currently LIVE  in workout clothes.

Sometimes however shopping for workout attire can be rough especially right now without being able to go to a mall and try something on and see how the quality is and if it is something worth spending your hard earned money on. Unless you’re buying yourself clothes from Lululemon to workout, you have to do the research.

With the current pandemic I have also only used products from Target or Amazon for your convenience.

My current favorite non expensive leggings are IUGA Amazon Leggings they are comfortable, they are high wasted, they last and hold up in a workout, they have pockets, and they are a total lululemon dupe worth the cost!


My favorite sports bra right now is Targets Zip front bra this sports bra is only $24.00, comes in multiple colors, and for all us women with a little extra it is a high support sports bra so it keeps the girls in place.

Currently I am working out at home and I would be lying if I said I wear more than leggings and a sports bra, however I am at home so give me a break! When I can hit the gym again I am not the girl who doesn’t wear a shirt and my favorite workout shirt is currently something cropped and loose like this Short Sleeve Tee Distressed Ripped Crop T-Shirt Tops from amazon.

Alright so I hit the clothes but lets talk for real… Waste trainers. I wear it, you wear it, we all wear it when we sweat so the question is which one? I have personally been using Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer I have it in pink and sometimes I use their sweet sweat gel. I don’t use the gel for every work out but at least a few times out of the weak and let me tell you…

It makes me SWEEEATTT!

Lastly, shoes. What do I wear on my feet while the rest of my body is workout ready? I’d be lying if I told you I went to a store, sat down with someone and picked out my perfect workout shoe… I did not do this. However I do have three different pairs of Nike sneakers I tent to alternate through. I really think when it comes to the shoe it has to work for you any Nike or Adidas one is good quality.

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