Fit Tip Friday: My favorite Healthy Breakfast

Last week I told you that we were running on the healthy train in our house and gave you a breakdown of our meal plan! This Friday I wanted to give you a how to for my favorite healthy breakfast and the best part is, it only takes FIVE INGREDIENTS! So what is my favorite healthy breakfast?

Drum roll please *pounds hands on kitchen counter making a drum roll sound*

Overnight Oats – Peanut Butter Cup Style!

You read that correctly now here are the FIVE ingredients you need to make this, Oats, unsweetened Almond milk, Chia Seeds, Peanut Butter, and unsweetened chocolate chips!

Now this is how I personally do it. Put the oats first and then cover them in almond milk (you can put as much or as little milk as you like it is completely your preference), Then on top I put some chia seeds, just a couple chocolate chips, and then drizzle it in some peanut butter.

That’s it! Isn’t that so simple it’s insane? Let me tell you I absolutely love this breakfast and start everyday with my peanut butter cup overnight oats. Now you can always change out the chocolate chips and peanut butter for something else, the hubby’s prefers just a little organic real maple poured over instead.

Happy healthy Breakfasting!

Also Happy Friday!!


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