Meal Prepping

Starting this week the hubby jumped on the healthy train and so I spent my Sunday meal prepping for us both for the week. Now I still order from a meal prep service for my lunches so really the meal prep was for breakfast for us both, snacks for us both, and his lunches.

I have adopted the plan to eat multiple times a day idea as three times a day doesn’t seem like enough to get the metabolism running as fast as we would like. I wanted to out line for you guys the meal plan that we are using, please remember that the portion size is very different for me and my husband as men’s calorie intake is normally higher than women. However the basic meal plan is the same.

This is the daily meal plan:

Breakfast – Protein shake, with almond butter, and fruit & Overnight Oats

Mid Morning Snack – Fruit (Banana or an Apple)

Lunch – Protein focused, featuring chicken or lean meat, salad (50/50 lettuce and spinach for extra dose of iron) and veggies

Mid Afternoon Snack – Celery, & Almonds

Late Afternoon Snack – celery, & an egg

Dinner – Fish, Chicken, or Lean Meats with sides of veggies & and a side salad

After Dinner Snack – Fruit (a green apple)

Eating healthy can be so hard and I think that the biggest down fall of mine has been falling off the wagon in one meal and automatically thinking that’s it my diet is shot. The thing is, this isn’t a diet its a life style, it’s you fighting for a better version of you and one meal, one bad decision shouldn’t end your path to success. You can always start again with the next meal and just keep moving forward.

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