At Home Mani/Pedi Day

Being a girl with no nail salon has been more than rough throughout this lock down. This post is just a quick how to for an at home Mani/Pedi day to keep you feeling like a girl through out this lock down!

About a month through this lock down with my nails were extremely grown out I decided to take matters into my own hands with a little at home self-care spa day.


Now I needed some supplies so I went to Walgreen’s and got white nail polish, base, and primer for my feet along with their pedicure kit and manicure kit. As far nails go I ordered a dip nail kit on amazon and I was extremely excited.

I rushed home and took out my foot spa, grabbed a towel, and got to work!


Now it was rough my toes came out decent and I cant really complain but I was pleasantly surprised about my nails. I love dip polish because it’s strong and it keeps my nails strong so I didn’t want to change to regular polish and risk breaking my nails. The great thing about dip is I don’t have to paint it on and I am terrible at doing my nails normally.

I totally recommend this nail kit if you like dip and need some nail saving, I’ve also linked it all down below for you if your nails need some rescuing like mine did!

Walgreens Manicure Kit

Walgreens Pedicure Kit

Foot Spa

Dip Powder Kit

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