Bondi Sands – The Australian Tan

I’ve done tanning blogs before and we all know I love the glow so I caved into the hype and ordered some Bondi Sands products to review for you. I have been dying to try their products for a really long time now so I have to say I am super excited.

The products I ordered to try out are the exfoliating mitt, the self tanning mitt, the Aero 1 hour express self tanning foam, everyday gradual tanning lotion, and the self tan eraser.


To start with the exfoliating mitt I went with it because exfoliating before a tan is so important for it to last as long as possible and to come out as even and streak free as it can be. I liked the mitt I felt like it got the job done making sure there was no dead skin or anything so my skin could be fresh and ready for a tan.

The self tanning mitt was also a must buy because mitts help the tan keep from streaking and no one wants a streaky tan. I loved the double side mitt and I think it worked really well spreading my tan.

The Aero 1 Hour Express Foam, I went with this foam because I am extremely impatient and the idea of only needing an hour to tan was extremely appealing to me. However I also like a good dark tan and worried that this would not get me the color I wanted. The foam smelled like coconuts and I love coconuts so that was a great bonus. I read on the website that for the darkest color to leave it on for three hours so I did and I have to say it is a very nice even natural tan. I was very happy with the color but it is a dark natural if you prefer a more extreme darker then it might not be the right foam for you.

However I still highly recommend their tanning foams; they smell good, they spread on smoothly and nicely, and the color in the end is very nice, beautiful, and colorful,

The everyday gradual tanning lotion helps your tan last a little longer which is great because I personally hate when the tan goes away after just a few showers. The milk smells nice and it feels refreshing and smooth on my skin, so far it has helped my tan last  and kept it looking fresh and new which is great and a reason why the lotion is a must buy!


I have not used the self tan eraser however I have heard from friends that it works amazingly and am so excited to use it when the time with my new found tan comes to an end.

Bondi Sands – The Australian Tan, completely worth it.

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