Love is Blind – Season 1 (spoilers alert)

Alright so I finished the show a little late but thanks to COVID-19 I got to binge right through it and come to realize that… Wow I’m glad Mark and Jessica didn’t get married. Let’s just get right into it and be real, she treated him like trash… poor guy.


Honestly though this show was probably the worst show I have ever watched and yet, it was like an accident you cannot help but stare. Who thought Matt Barrnet would say I do to Amber because I definitely thought he would run for the hills when we learned that the Ex Tank Mechanic was couch surfing, downing in student loans, and had no life long term plans for her and her… career. If we can call it that.

This show was not on our binge worthy list because well it was terrible however if you are like me and you cannot help but watch it crash and burn, let me tell you this is the best bad show to watch.


Now I think we all agree that Lauren and Cameron were the happy ending in the middle of the insanity. Who would think that two people would not only find love, and make it through the I Do’s but end up actually having what seems like a happy marriage. They have a YouTube channel that I will link down below for you and honestly they make you think that this insanity of a show wasn’t completely useless.

Hangin with the Hamiltons – Lauren & Cameron’s YouTube Channel

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