10 things to do when you’re out of things to do

Being at home all day takes a toll and sure maybe you go outside to take your dog on a walk, to take out the trash, or maybe just to just take a breather. However staying home doesn’t have to be so boring, it doesn’t have to mean that your weekend is ruined or wasted and honestly it can be really fun to stay home all weekend with your significant other.

Yet, we get it locked in a house together is cute for a few days but the more time that passes the more you run out of things to do and then you’re just stuck at home bored together.


However if you need some ideas on things to do here they are for you!

  1. Face mask it up together!
  2. Bake something creative, yummy, and fun
  3. Take a walk, make a picnic, eat together away from everyone else
  4. Do what you love, together, if you want to blog while he plays video games, do it! (Yes I might just be speaking from personal experience)
  5.  Do a tv workout class together!
  6. Movie night, watch something fun and cuddle it up
  7. You can have a nice romantic meal at home together
  8. Play boardgames or card games, I love boardgames and it will get you doing something fun while your home
  9. Playing with your pets, get them involved in a fun game of catch so you can all have a good time!
  10. When in doubt clean the house!

I have to tell you our home has benefited from all the cleaning we’ve done over the past few weeks! We hope everyone is staying safe throughout this time!

XO – Nikki Cosmos

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