What I used to Clean & Organize our home

I have been on a huge, house cleaning, organizing, revamping kick since we have been locked inside day after day and I have to tell you the apartment is definitely benefiting from this. I spent a lot of time reorganizing our kitchen and the “pantry” cabinets we use as our pantry because we don’t really have one. Organizing the bedroom and throwing away so much stuff and as you saw last week I organized my make up vanity and I also got a new cat litter for our little man because there is nothing I hate more than 1. seeing the cat litter and 2. the sand all over there floor when he jumps out.


So I have created a list for you of the organizing items I have used to help and also the new cat litter because I know it can be tough to find a cute one!

  1. okay so like I said we don’t really have a pantry and these pop top containers  have helped us get the cabinets organized so much! Ours were a wedding gift but the link to those bed bath and beyond ones are pretty similar
  2. When I say my make up vanity was a mess, it was a MESS. My husband hated looking at it and he would constantly ask me to get it organized. Well last week I finally did just that and I have tagged just a couple of the organizers I have used to do so. This clear storage organizer with drawers was perfect.   I loved this is a brush holder but I used it for lipsticks and they organized into it perfectly.
  3. The cat litter, oh boy was I happy we got this wooden pet house we put his litter on the bottom level and he jumps down into it, he loves it and it keeps the litter out of sight.
  4. So for this next one I have no link to tag for you because what we used was garbage bags!!! We tossed over 8 bags worth of stuff we didn’t need, want, or use. Let me tell you a great way to declutter is to get rid of unnecessary junk!
  5. Alright so the last thing I got to help with house cleaning and organizing was the Shark Navigator with swivel steering upright vacuum  partly because our current $20 dollar vacuum from Walmart wasn’t cutting it and partly because we still had Zola credit from our wedding.


Hope these small tips and items help you organize your home too!

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