Cleaning and Some Home Improvements during COVID-19

This pandemic has everyone locked at home, in a constant fear of getting sick, getting their family sick, loosing their jobs it’s a scary thought and time but instead of spending your time on the couch binging into endless episodes of the next Netflix series why not be productive.

This is what we have accomplished so far thanks to COVID-19.

My house is clean! Not only did I clean the entire house but I organized my drawers and make up vanity. I tossed two bags worth of junk that really were just making our room more cluttered and in the effort to clean up I might have amazon shopped a little looking for some products to well round out our Farmhouse Style Apartment Home. These are just some small touches as our house is pretty finished. You can see this older blog post for an idea on how our apartment currently looks.

Let’s stay in the bedroom for a minute, I felt like we needed more on the bed so I got this cute pillow below just to ad a nice touch.

I ordered this runner and these flowers for our dinning room table so that room could come to life a little bit more and just liven the plain table up.

Lastly I got these potted artificial flowers to add to our bathroom counter top for some liveliness.

With everything going on right now it’s great to throw yourself into a project at home whether that’s cleaning, organizing, remodeling, refurbishing, there is a ton you can do to keep yourself distracted, at home, and having fun!


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