Great Find Websites!

Cute outfits pretty often mean spending more cash than I particularly would like, however I wanted to share with you some great options to replace the oh so expensive finds that lets be fair we don’t want to pay for. Fashion doesn’t mean that you have to spend $80.00 on one piece of clothing and then not eat dinner for the next three days.

  1. First off this website Shein has great finds for cheap. They sell everything from bathing suits to formal dresses and considering a lot of the site is under $20.00 you won’t break the bank.
  2. My greatest finds almost always come from amazon I found my water jug on here for under $10 dollars. I found great high wasted leggings for the gym that might not be Lululemon but they hold up great in the gym and were only $12.00 a piece. Amazon is an amazing site for so many things, if you don’t use it often now I recommend giving it another spin. 
  3. Fashion Nova is so popular now however it’s also progressively gotten so incredibly expensive. If you want the same basic site with a little less of the cost try pretty little thing.
  4. Work out clothing is so expensive, if you didn’t find anything on amazon you like try just strong  for cute workout clothes that won’t charge you $110.00 for leggings. Use NIKKIGUER10 for a 10% discount. 

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