Vixen Workout!

Ladies, have you ever been to a vixen dance class? Well if you haven’t and you need a fun workout… go.

In high school I danced over thirty hours a week and it kept me super skinny but when I graduated dance was over as much as high school was. So I have always missed dancing and while I have been on this fitness and health craze I decided I wanted to go back to it and found vixen. It’s a work out in dance form and let me tell you, it’s a good workout I was sore for days!

They turn off the lights and you dance with colorful and fun studio lights on instead which is great especially for first timers because if you’re a little shy it’s okay they can’t really see you too much anyway!

The workout is fast pace, it’s to fun music, and you might need some help walking when you’re done; best part is you won’t be counting down the time on the treadmill praying to  be finished soon. It helps you enjoy yourself even if you’re exhausted out of your mind and the instructors incorporate legs, arms, abs, whatever works into the routine.

Is it exhausting? Yes super.

Is it fun? Absolutely!

Most instructors have the first class for $5.00 which for a fun hard core workout session sounds like a pretty great price to me and I highly recommend it.

Check out these ladies classes if you’re in the Pembroke Pines, Weston, Davie, Cooper City, Sunrise, Plantation areas in Broward County.



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