Meal Prepping the easy way!!

I hate meal prepping, I hate having to go through that “lifestyle change” to be healthy and honestly that’s what it should be a lifestyle change not a diet.

However when I meal prep I tend to just make a lot of two things, and then I get bored of those two things, and then I end up wasting food, time, and money; all of which are too valuable to waste. Yet I find myself longing to do better, wanting to eat better and be healthier.

Solution? Pay someone to meal prep for me.

I have an old high school friend who I have seen go through these lifestyle changes via social media and what an amazing job she has done might I add. She not too long ago opened her own meal prepping business and I decided, why not.

I order my breakfast and lunch from her, bring a gallon of water with me to work every day and like magic I am being healthy. Dinner was never my issue, I am married to a wonderful man who loves to cook and in return he makes really healthy and yummy dinners. My breakfast and Lunch however was either skipped or filled with fast food, quick and easy, but also extremely unhealthy.

You will never be perfect and working to change your lifestyle is no easy task, however you can find things that help make it easier on you.

Check out Cilla’s Kitchen on instagram if you live in Miami or Broward County and are interested in changing your lifestyle! She has a new menu every Wednesday for you!! She’s kind, her food is amazing, and I am always happy after a meal!!! Check out our Instagram story for today’s Caesar salad lunch!!!

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