Getting that Glow

So this weekend I have a beach wedding and we are all staying at the hotel for the weekend. Well naturally when you think beach you think nice tans, bathing suits, and relaxation. I am very fair skinned and honestly a nice natural tan like I used to have in high school involves too much sun and while doable probably isn’t exactly healthy for my skin.

So I got a spray tan.

Now it isn’t my first time getting sprayed, actually I am quite a fan of the spray tan when done correctly so here is what I love about it.

Honestly who can say they don’t love their legs a little more with some color? I know I can! Realistically you just look better with a little color, I’m not saying go get an Ultra Dark tan when you’re well white but a little glow and color never hurt anybody.

Spraying never hurt no body. Sunbathing is so bad for our skin, skin cancer is something to take seriously and a lot of people don’t. People think that laying in the sun for all those hours collecting that color is normal but honestly people lets be real.

So if you are curious about it I recommend reading some reviews on your closest spray tan bars and honestly go to a person not to a place with machines.

Get you some color!



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