Miss to Mrs.

Well guys it finally happened, I got married! Yea I know you all have been waiting for it as long as I have and well the time has come and the time has gone. Let me tell you it was amazing, and honestly better than I could have imagined.

Here’s my tips for future brides, things I wished I knew or things I wished I had believed when people told me before the big day.

  1. Something so many people told me was, it fly’s by. I would continue to think to myself I’m sure it does but I’m going to take it all in I am going to enjoy it and remember it. Well guys, even with all the effort you can possible put into it, the night will fly by, you will be busy all night and before you know it… the night is over and you’re in the car on the way back to the hotel.
  2. Do not go against your gut. Our wedding was outdoors in a garden, the day before the weather channel noted an 7% chance of rain which sent my family into a complete panic. (we live in Florida there is never a 0% chance of rain here) This panic caused us to make the call to put up the clear tent event though, I didn’t like it, or want it, and I felt pretty confident that the 30 minutes of our ceremony would most likely be rain free. This decision I’m not going to lie upset me a lot, I didn’t like the tent and our wedding day was sunny, beautiful and rain free. Had I listened to my gut we wouldn’t of had the tent and I would have had the ceremony space and photos I actually wanted.
  3. Don’t sweat what you can’t change, like I said in the tip above something happened that I was unhappy with but I had no choice and no way to change the situation so was it going to ruin our wedding day? Absolutely not.
  4. Day Of Coordinator’s are 100% a must, now I had a full on planner’s help for the whole wedding which I recommend if you want a very stress free wedding planning kind of wedding but if a full on planner isn’t in the budget a day of coordinator at minimum should be. Imagine your wedding day and everything you need to go right and how you will not be able to handle it while getting married, someone has to run the show.
  5. The DJ, The Food, The Dress. Not to put any pressure but they say there are three things everyone remembers from a wedding; the dress, the food, and the music. Bad music will ruin your wedding, bad food will too, and everyone will have either very nice things to say about your dress or very bad things. No one will remember how big the flowers are or if the napkins are silk or satin. (Just Saying)

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