Friendships: The importance of the right ones

I wanted to do a post about friendships, because I feel like I talk often about me and my husband and I don’t think I talk about friendships often. Friendships are a vital part of our lives. We count on our girls for wine nights and on our friends for everything from opinions to support; they are crutial and the friends you spend time with also reflect on who you are.

The phrase you are the five people you hang around with the most wasn’t invented for nothing. Yet your friends level of success or accomplishment isn’t the only thing that matters. The best thing about friends is having your back. Always. Anywhere and anytime.

Easily the best thing about having good friends is being able to lean on them when need be. That’s why I wanted to do a post about friendship today because without the right support system getting to where you want to go is difficult and I also don’t think the phrase it takes a village was just invented for raising kids.

It takes a village to plan your wedding, it takes a village to push through finishing your book, or starting a photography business, or running a lifestyle blog. All of it takes a village of friends and family who have your back, they will read your post and boast about them to people. They always do what you need when you need with in reason for sake of helping their friends or being their for friends.

Having friends to count on is easily a crucial part of your lives and how you grow. Relationships, all relationships; require time, love, and attention. A friendship is a relationship and if not treated properly it will not blossom. With Valentine’s Day just passing a lot of people have focused on how they’re single but I can tell you I’ve had more galentine’s dates than valentine’s dates at this point in my life. Of course with time this will change, now I am married and valentines day is spent with my husband however it wasn’t always this way and that’s okay.

My point is to shower your good friendships like you would your favorite flower, because even though you may not realize friendships require work too without good ones you could be stuck weathering the storm alone.

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