Dog birthdays, yes it is a thing

In a about a month and a half my little beagle will be two, being that we did nothing for her first birthday this dog mom wanted to go the extra mile this time without breaking the bank. A dog birthday party should always start with the guest list, will your pup be the only fur baby there or are you inviting other pups? In my case my little beagle is social so we are inviting other pups which lead me into location, location, location.

Having multiple pups coming means needing the space for them to run, our one bedroom apartment obviously couldn’t accommodate this so I went on the hunt for something close by.

For our South Florida Families this is what I recommend:

  1. Doggie Bag Café
  2. Performance Pups
  3. Camp Canine
  4. Happy Tails Dog Park
  5. Barkham at Markham Park

Depending on your budget they offer different things but all feel like great options. Next I moved to theme and décor the first three options allow you to have a designated space to decorate for your party. Happy Tails while they have covered areas are first come first serve.

Now for theme and décor this is a personal preference, is your dog a girl or a boy? Are they into running or napping either way anything you choose I suggest amazon because you’ll get a lot more for less cost. They sell party decoration bundles for your convenience.

Our little girls party will be in November so stay tuned for photos showing off our chosen theme and all the fun she has!

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