Why my apartment looks like a Pinterest photo!

So the best thing about having my own place is being able to decorate my own place, I absolutely love it! I grew up in a house where everything matched. My mom always had the perfect couch to go with the perfect rug and coffee table I mean her house till this day could be photographed for a magazine and you would think it was a model home. So when we got our first apartment I was really excited to put my style into the rooms I mean this was our home now and I got to decorate ALL OF IT!

What they don’t tell you is how expensive this is so for a while we made due with the $20 dollar coffee table from Wal-Mart, or the cheap of the cheap for sale items which were great for us for the time, I mean it moving out is a huge expense but in the last year and a half our home has gone from just being simply functional to being a home.

Our apartment is a modern take on the farmhouse style.

I decided to go with the farmhouse style décor because it’s homey and I wanted my house to be a place where everyone felt welcomed and comfortable. I also wanted it to look cute, and really Google farmhouse décor and find something that isn’t cute because it’s darn well near impossible. Lastly, I just wanted my home to be like the home my mom worked so hard to maintain for us our entire lives. Something that was always cute, and welcoming, never a mess, so you never felt embarrassed to bring friends into it because you knew it always looked nice.

Being that we live in a one bedroom apartment right now sometimes functionality trumps the style but for the most part we’ve got it down.

Our dining room is filled with a rustic dog bowl holder and Iron counter chairs with a small wooden crate for my dogs many toys. Our dining table is rustic ash wood and black wood modern farmhouse style table as is the rest of the house, with black wood bench seats on each side and a black wood seat at each end. Against the back wall you will find out cats litter (because he has to use the bathroom somewhere) inside a black wood box to keep it hidden, our dogs crate covered with a beige crate cover (because our little girl loves sleeping inside a dark crate helps her anxiety) and then our coffee and alcohol bar hybrid which is also an ash wood.

Coming into the living room you will find our beige couches with a ash wood & black wood coffee table and end tables to match. Along with an Ivory rug for that warm feeling, next to our love seat we have a basket of throw blankets and our TV is mounted on the wall with a dark wood TV stand underneath.

The kitchen has minor touches as it’s a decent size but couldn’t take more than a cute sign and a kitchen mat.

Our bathroom is the same, we went with a mix of grey and wooden mats in here with farm house frames for style.

The bedroom is all black wood (bed frame, make-up vanity, nightstands, and dresser) except for the full body mirror which is ash wood. I have my make-up vanity in this room which doubles as a desk when needed (functionality over style remember) but overall it’s extremely cozy. We constantly work to improve our home without spending loads of money to do so. (I didn’t include a photo of our room)

Here are my recommendations:

Go to Amazon! I kid you not a lot of my home items are from there, they have great deals check out Dressing Up Your Current Home Style post for some of my recommendations.

Try target’s magnolia line! I love the magnolia line almost as I love watching Fixer upper and wishing one of those houses was mine. Go to Hearth & Hand with Magnolia post to read about targets line.

When all else fails, get crafty! Make-up vanity mirrors are expensive, that’s why my fiancé made mine with a $20 dollar mirror from Ikea and lights from Amazon. Look up some DIY’s that can help bring your home together, trust me you might just find the perfect touch.

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