Our beagle has anxiety!

My phoebe girl has some anxiety when we leave the house, mostly when mommy leaves the house. Either way we were on a desperate need to find what would work for our little girl and it was a heck of a challenge. It broke my heart leaving her so uncomfortable so here are the things that work for her.

Now remember because of our fluctuating schedules our pets really don’t spend that many hours a day home without one of us here but still dogs don’t measure time well so it’s hard for her the short time we are gone.


She loves her anxiety vest! It helps her a lot I think it helps her feel safe even when we aren’t here. The best part is that they aren’t expensive at all! Check it out on amazon doggie anxiety vest

Sleeping in a covered crate helps her its like closing the door to her bed room. She almost immediately starts snoring which I love! I think it’s so cute that my little nugget sleeps so hard and it makes me happy because she really struggled with it before we figured out what worked for her. You can get it on Amazon also because amazon has EVERYTHING you will ever need dog crate cover


Honestly, making sure she’s comfortable for time alone and her bed time is important for dog mom’s. I hope what helped us with our phoebe’s anxiety can help you guys!

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