Did you say a Lizzie McGuire Reboot?

Ladies and gentlemen DRUM ROLL PLEASE! I don’t know about all my other mid-twenties ladies and gentlemen out their but the moment I heard I wanted to scream at the absolute top of my lugs.


The reboot will live in Disney Plus and I will pay for disney plus just to have access to the gloriousness that is Hilary Duff and all her glory at thirty navigating life in New York City, it really is the perfect scene for her story to continue. The original was created by Terri Minsky who is also on board for the reboot which I personally think will only help it be as close to the original as possible.


In the reboot Lizzie is just turning thirty, she has come a long way from who she was at eight grade graduation and is living her dream life. From what we know she’s working her dream job as an apprentice to a fancy New York designer, she has the perfect boy friend who own’s his own restaurant and she is about to celebrate the big 30!


If I know anything about Lizzie and I think I do as she guided me through my middle school days once upon a time she will not disappoint. I am excited to see her growth as well as her challenges that she is now facing in life at thirty.

Maybe she’ll guide all of us through adulthood too, all I know is, I can’t wait to see Hilary Duff back on the screen in the character. (If we’re really lucky maybe we’ll get some good appearances from the old cast also!)


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