Fit Tip Friday: My Fitness Journey

I want to start with I hate the phrase Fitness Journey… I know hate is a strong word but really why is it a fitness journey why do we give it the power of being it’s own anything when in reality it should be a lifestyle change. It shouldn’t just be the meal prep’s for work or the days you decided to dedicate to the gym. It should be an every single day decision kind of thing.

That being said I don’t think that means you can’t enjoy the good things every once in a while. You completely should be able to do so and I’m not trying to take that away, I’m a strong believer in eat the cookie so you don’t binge on the box later. Yet I don’t like that you right now are on a fitness journey, you should be on a lifestyle journey, on an adventure to find what works for you the best so that you can consistently make the choice to be healthier.

Yet the “fitness journey” seems to be so very popular… So I want to talk about mine.


I have never been the kind of person who looked in the mirror and thought; skinny, fit, healthy. Yet these were always synonyms I strived to achieve. I danced for a minimum of thirty hours a week in high school, I mean it was a full time job and yet at 140 for a girl who is 5’9 I still did not see the skinny, fit, healthy person I strived to be. This bad view of my appearance followed me through to college, and my early twenties. Even when I felt confidant in an outfit, even when I knew I was rocking that mini skirt, I felt… Fat.

The thing is that this was my perspective on my appearance and it was a damn bad one. So again and again I would start a diet and again and again I would fail and this never ending cycle of looking in the mirror and longing for happiness in my appearance continued to let me down.

Sound familiar ladies?

Here’s the thing, finding faults in ourselves is something us women succeed at with no fail. We consistently look in the mirror in search for something that we “don’t see”. Even the girl at the size 2 rack looks in the mirror and longs for something different. It’s our nature and frankly it’s one quality us females have that I despise. Still, with this longing for better, this want to look in the mirror and smile at my appearance that isn’t always the case.

That’s okay.

The journey isn’t to weight something specific, it isn’t to be a size 2. Our bodies our different, we are different, what works for you may not work for me. That doesn’t mean we quit looking in the mirror. It means that everyday when we look in the mirror we need to find one thing we LOVE about our appearance and not the twenty we hate. So am I the weight I want to be, no. Because I didn’t designate a weight that defined my beauty. Muscle weighs more than fat, never forget that it isn’t always based around what you think.

Does my journey continue? Yea, every single day, but I choose not to call it a fitness journey, I choose to make it a lifestyle. My choice in my journey is that it’s just a journey of life, where I choose to be healthy. 

Remember, find your confidence in that mirror.


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