I am a hard core pet mom and my little girl Phoebe, she’s a beagle, needed a bath. So this time instead of bathing her I made an appointment at a local groomer and decided she deserved a little spoiling. Bath, hair cut, ear cleaning & nail trip; I went on the hunt for a place that would just take care of my little girl and make sure she came out happy and CLEAN.

So on the hunt for a great doggie groomer I took to the web!!

I looked for places in Plantation, Davie, all neighborhoods near by and there it was the perfect place Green Paws Pet Market, great reviews, nice staff, and I was excited because it was only five minutes from my house.


I have to say I was all kinds of nervous she’s never been to the groomer before and this was her first time getting, pampered.

She was extremely excited to be there because the lobby is filled with all kinds of toys and treats and you know a beagle’s nose she was all over it. The staff was friendly and kind and Phoebe took well to them.

She was done in I kid you not thirty minutes which was amazing I was expecting it to take at least an hour and when she was finished they called me immediately to come get her. I rushed right on over and there she was squeaky clean with a cute bandanna around her neck. What I loved most was that they told me she got kind of nervous when they went to cut her nails, so nervous my poor baby went number two on their table.

Oh no!
They were so great about it though and didn’t push through it just to be able to charge the extra money, they stopped immediately and let me know when I got there to get her.

It’s definitely were Phoebe girl will be going for her spa days from now on!



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