Fit Tip Friday: Find what Drives you!

The day I woke up and my pouch was half the size it had been for the past year… You know what pouch I am talking about ladies, that little part of the bottom of your belly that bloats and always just pokes out enough to make you extremely self conscious… Yea thats right, I’m talking about that thing you never talk about because who wants to pull attention to their pouch?!?


Well I woke up one morning and noticed a significant difference when getting dressed, my pouch was smaller like a good size smaller. I suddenly had this wave of accomplishment take over my body, does this mean that hitting the gym and saying no to all those cakes at work is actually paying off?

Hell yeah that’s exactly what this meant. It made me feel in control of my appearance for the first time in a long time and I craved more of this feeling so I began to think what more I could do sure I was working out, and yea I denied the sweetness of office birthday cakes most of the time but was that enough to keep concurring my fitness goals at this point?

No, the answer is no it was not.

So I made three promises to myself:

  1. No carbonation, carbonated drinks cause bloating and the pouch LIVES off of this. So if it has bubbles, it’s out. Strictly a water and coffee girl now!
  2. Meal Prepping I signed up for Butcher Box because I wanted good meat delivered to my door so why on earth not. Meal prepping for Monday – Friday ONLY because I do still think whats been helping me most is not completely cutting myself off from yummy foods.
  3. Lastly, going to the gym Monday – Friday at 6am now I already work out yes but I’ve learned how hard it can be sometimes to commit to a 6pm workout. You work late, you have someones birthday, things come up… and although I have been committed I am not immune to having interruptions. So 6am workouts was my last promise to always guarantee I have the time to commit to the gym.


This week was my first week implementing my three promises and I am happy to say I have not broken any… I will keep you updated on instagram as always but my tip this week for you all, find what drives you be it the feeling of accomplishment or the excitement to fit in that swimsuit. Maybe its being able to finally get off that high blood pressure medicine, Fight for it!

Happy Fit Tip Friday Guys!


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