FAB FIT FUN Summer Box

This years summer box was my first ever Fab fit fun box… I know I know I’m late to the game but I have arrived and honey I ain’t ever going back! I ordered a bit late for one so buy the time I ordered they were all out of the mini hair dryers which I was super disappointed about BY THE WAY.


But instead I got two wine glasses and I mean really no one looses with that.

I also got two hair ties, always a plus for a girl.

It came with a full sized bottle of Coola which is a settling spray, funny enough when I was at Ulta not that long ago I almost bought this product and ended up just going with the same one I always use so I was so excited to get it in my Fab Fit Fun box and be able to try it because for starters its a FULL SIZED BOTTLE and secondly it really is amazing!


If you want to read about my Ulta trip click here Ulta Beauty… My Makeup addiction

The next item in the box was the Rose Spray which is a hydrating rose facial spray, I love hydrating facial sprays and rose spray helps control excess oils in the face and maintain your skins pH balance so huge plus and, HUGE bottle.

The Whish Exfoliating foot mask was like the answer to my prayers, let me tell you why. I am an avid pedicure every two weeks girl but unfortunately wearing heels makes my feet tired and it makes my heels dry. This foot mask exfoliated and renewed my fry heels. It got rid of my stubborn calluses and all that gross dry skin. It was so smooth and moisturizing I really was so happy to have gotten an item like this one in the box and one I can use at home in between the two week pedicures.

Generation Clay Brightening purple clay mask, this one was fun because my fiance was all in to try it with me! I have very sensitive skin and breakout very easy so I was extremely nervous to put something on my face, yet for you I did it. I must say I came out feeling fresh and pimple free! So immediately I googled what was in this amazing mask  and have added it here for you from the Generation Clay website.  “A gentle, natural version of skin-exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), the hardworking beauty hero rejuvenates dull, tired skin while lightening dark circles and pigmentation. For added benefits, we’ve pumped this mask with witch hazel to extract excess oil, vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects against free radicals, and desert lime, a thorny Australian citrus fruit that boosts hydration, assists with the absorption of antioxidants and increases collagen production.Enjoy the tingling sensation the mask employs – the invigorating feeling is totally normal and indicates that the Active Botanicals are hard at work to reveal positively glowing dewy skin.”

The living proof nourishing styling cream I live off no frizz products, I’m the girl who goes to bed with straight hair and wakes up with a frizzy knotted mess. This styling cream helps condition and eliminate frizz by blocking out humidity. So far I am loving it so highly recommend for you frizzy haired ladies who don’t wake up looking like Rory Gilmore.


Last product in my box was the 111skin rose gold brightening facial mask treatment which has 24K Gold and Extract of Rosa Damascena. The mask is incredibly soothing and my fiance was glowing after he tried it! Some would even say its “radiance-enhancing.” The formula also has Licorice Root Extract for complexion illumination, Silk Amino Acids for nourishment, and Centella Asiatica which improves skin integrity. At least that’s what this website tells me

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