Fit Tip Friday: Throw away the Scale

You’ve all been on this fitness journey with me as I prep for my wedding day bod and my current weight loss tip for you all is to throw away the scale.  For months I have been going to Orange Theory fitness and recently I have been going around five to six times a week and every morning like clockwork when I would get ready I would stand on our bathroom scale.

I would then huff and puff and maybe even ruin my mood for the day because the change on the scale might not be exactly what I hoped for. Still I continued this terrible decision to continue standing on the scale and huffing and puffing because I thought it mattered what I weighed.


Then finally I went up to our head coach and asked her what on earth I was doing wrong and her answer was weighing yourself too much.

I was in shock!

What did she mean? Wasn’t I supposed to monitor my weight loss and then she spoke the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten on my fitness journey into existence.

Measure yourself instead; watch inches fall off instead of pounds. “Remember you’re gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.” She reminded me and suddenly I saw the light.


As inches continued to fall I stopped worrying about the small digital number that appeared on the scale, I realized that 170 in muscle and 170 in fat were to completely different bodies and I had no idea what weight was going to make me happy, I need to watch my body change and then decide that.

So my tip is to hop off that scale, it’s only going to discourage you anyway… No one needs that.

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