Workout for a better you

My hardest commitment has been with the gym. Let’s be real until you really get into it starting the gym is no walk in the park… It’s more like an uphill climb while someone constantly knocks you down but yet, I was determined to get back in the gym’s good graces and hopefully see a real change before I tied the knot. Many of you know I have been going to Orange Theory, and although yes a great work out I was only going twice a week… It’s very easy to screw up the great work you did when you only go twice a week to the gym so last week I decided go big or go home and I upgraded to the unlimited membership.

Which in order to really get my money’s worth means one thing… I have to go at least once a day. So usually to the 6pm class every day I go to the gym and although I think it gets easier with time since my body adapts to the work outs and I push myself to continue going for more each day I think there’s one other thing that has made going everyday a lot more simple.


If you notice I said every day, at 6pm. Not only am I adapting to the work outs but I am adapting to the habit of running on home after work, changing, and heading to the gym every single day. That right there is half the battle. Once upon a time I would come home and eat dinner, maybe watch some television or read but always from the comfort of my couch. I quickly noticed that my biggest challenge wasn’t working hard once I was there, it was getting dressed and going.

Working Out


Changing your lifestyle

They are all choices you make, choices that help you work towards a better you but also they are choices that need to be made by you. No one can push you to go to the gym, I learned that. No one can make you want to work out, I learned that too. The decision to be just a little healthier, just a little more active, and the decision that I will be in my best possible shape for my wedding was a determination I made.

What can be taken from all of this though is that people are hard headed and stubborn and the decision to be a healthier, more active you must come from you and you alone.

So get your thought process together, work hard to better yourself and mentally prepare yourself and then, get dressed, and go to the gym.

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