My fiance has a male skin care routine!

I’ve talked about the importance of skin care maintenance and how you have to just work a few steps to make sure that your face ages nicely and you don’t end up with huge bags and enormous dark circles at thirty! So after months of my fiance using my products I made the executive decision that he needed his OWN skin care routine. Now since he had already been using my fabulous Nola Skin Care Line which I wrote about in this link I figured that the Nola Skin Care Men’s Bundle was the way to go for his first ever skin care line.

The mens line comes with the Omega Kale Cleanser which helps to fight acne, cleanse your face, and prevent future breakouts. Which is great and helps keep your skin nice and clean, plus it smells like a salad (as my fiance says). The next item in the bundle is the Glycolic Astringent which is a spray that helps tone the skin. It’s purpose is to remove oil, grime, and debris, just like the toning spray that us women use!


Step three in the mens bundle is the Pure Hydration Moisturizer which he LOVES! The moisturizer relives tightness and dry skin, it leaves your skin smooth, soft, and fabulous skin. Now I don’t know about your men ladies but mine, has a beard. So the fact that the men’s bundle caters to that is absolutely amazing and he is over the moon about it. So the next on the bundle list is the Quench Your Beard which he says smells like chocolate milk, yummy. The spray nourishes, soothes and provide hydration to dry, brittle facial hair. Which lets be honest… Beards are made of the roughest hair known to man kind!! So this is a huge help and I must say, I am a big fan too!

The last product left is the Let It Grow Beard Butter which is created to stimulate the hair growth in the beard and seal in all the moisture. It also helps rejuvenate hair follicles and moisturizes the skin in that area, not to mention the hair too! Of course the best of all he says it smells like cookies.

Now that you know it’s great qualities let me add in that it will get your man off of your skin care routine! It’s great quality and honestly get on it for him, the soft skin, the healthy facial hair… He needs the quality care that you need too!

Clink the links to get whichever product sounded right to you!!


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