To all my Brides & Grooms To be!

As you know I’M GETTING MARRIED IN SIX MONTHS. Which I am super excited for but I wanted to do a nice little suggestion post for all my newly engaged bride and grooms to be out there! Wedding planning is hard and honestly it should be, this is the day you commit your life to another, the day you begin the rest of your lives together as a team ready to take on the world. Also if you’re the bride you have probably been dreaming about your wedding day for most of your life… and now it has finally come. So I want to reiterate wedding planning is hard, but this is one day that symbolizes the next chapter in your book.

So let’s start with what you want vs. what he wants. For one be open, be honest, and be realistic. Set your budget above all else. Know what you can or cannot spend under any circumstances then proceed to move forward from there. Make a list of the must haves vs. the willing to negotiate. There’s so much that in reality you can either make yourself, have a creative friend help with, or simply don’t need.

Weddings are billion dollar industries; people make millions off wedding yearly so here’s my tip… Drop the word wedding, bride, or engaged whenever possible. Sometimes if it’s “just for a gathering” the price might be a tad cheaper.


I highly suggest allowing people to have the option to contribute to your honeymoon when possible! has been amazing; I love it for my registry and for my wedding website plus it comes with a check list which allows you to knock off things as you get them it also suggest which month you should have what by which is great!!

Guest list… be stingy! Just because you met someone once when you were three and they are your grandfather’s cousin twice removed does not mean that earns them a seat at your wedding. The biggest choice I made when creating my guest list was who matters to me and who matters to my fiancé. That’s who should be there. I’m not saying you need to see them every day but I am saying that not everyone you’ve met in your entire life needs an invite.

Wedding planners… I know your mom got married with no help from anyone, well let me tell you something my friend I did not want to stress about napkins and place cards the morning of my wedding… NO THANK YOU! I suggest at least a day of coordinator they get involved around a month prior to the wedding to assist and learn what needs to be done and then they handle it from there. It will elevate some of that wedding day stress which trust me you’ll have plenty of even with a planner.


Food, Music, Alcohol; these things will be what people take with them the most… honestly. If the food sucks people will remember it, if they had to dish out $100 on drinks people will remember it, and if no one is dancing because your DJ couldn’t get it together then honey it doesn’t matter how much you spent on your flowers. As important as everything else is these three should be the main priority for a memorable wedding.

My last tip is enjoying all of it. Meeting with the florist, finding a DJ, the venue… Enjoy finding your venue. Don’t rush anything it will all fall into place as you move through it all, it’s a onetime thing you know unless you’re already planning your 30 year anniversary vow renewal. So don’t take it for granted, make sure you stop and remember the whole process.

Oh yea and also CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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