My current Make up Obsession!

Okay so I watched this one make up tutorial that changed my daily routine and I just HAVE to share these products with you guys!

I constantly have the same basic routine for my make up as you all know I always start with my Nola Skin Care Products everyday but once that done I also have a very step by step make up routine which I have outlined for you guys before.


So I love concealer! I use it under my eyes and as part of contouring my face, and I have to say that Bare Minerals BareSkin Complete Coverage Concealer  is so dang amazing! I use the fair color for under my eyes and all my light areas and then picked a darker shade depending on how dramatic you want to be with it. Either way it last all day, the product works wonders and I just genuinely love it.

Now foundation is my make up weakness! I wear it everyday, I love it! Milk makeup -Blur liquid matte foundation it’s like magic and honestly only a little goes such a long way. It’s such great coverage and I honestly don’t think I’m ever going to live without it again.

Last but not least I found a really fantastic foundation brush that won’t break your bank and I use it every morning. Foundation makeup brush flat top kabuki for face it’s nine bucks and rose gold…

All I know is I was SOLD AT ROSE GOLD.

Just saying enjoy my three new make up obsessions! Happy Wednesday Ladies!


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