Two years! How did I do it?

Today is my two year anniversary with my Fiance. To some of you two years may sound like nothing, to others it might sound crazy, to me it sounded like success and happiness.

In the first two years of my relationship we didn’t just date, we accomplished. Now on our road to three years together we work towards a marriage, a future, a life with the person we love and it made me think about twenty one year old me.

She would have some serious s**t to say about twenty four year old me.

For my long term readers, you know. For those of you who are still new to Nikki Cosmos twenty one year old me was well, she was a mess. She was a little bit party girl with a huge commitment issue. Talk about a two week bail period commitment issue that I followed through with on every relationship until my current one.


This post isn’t for me to tell you how my now fiance was the one, or how he changed the game or anything sappy like that. It’s for me to tell all my scared of commitment girlies out there that it gets better.

It really and truly does.

Not because you meet the guy who makes it better, or because some man completes you but because you my friend grow from your experiences. With time you realize that yes men do suck but some of them, don’t. You stop letting the crappy guys blind you from the great one’s and you learn from it.

Do I think my Fiance is an amazing man? Yes.

Would the scared commitment fearing twenty one year old have committed to a relationship like this with him? Hell No!

Growth lead me here. That party girl, led me here and that’s what this post is about. Enjoy that phase of your life because one day it will fade into another great phase but it will also shape you for that next phase coming.

Be positive, and enjoy the hell out of being a scared of commitment twenty one year old who would cringe at twenty four year old you and I promise twenty four year old you will cringe at thirty year old you…

Embrace it!


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