The 90’s are back

Being a 90’s baby myself I might be a tad biased on what the best styled century was but I don’t think I am alone when I claim that 90’s fashion has found its way back into our hearts and into the mall stores shelves as well. It’s for sure found it’s way back into my closet!

We’ve listed our top eight 90’s trends that are fashionably acceptable today!


Denim Skirts

There once was a time that wearing a denim skirt was cute and fashionable, I know I loved them and now? It is once again acceptable to rock a cute denim mini skirt… It’s easily my favorite 90’s fashion return.



Overalls are all the rage! They’re cute, they’re comfortable and honestly… Who doesn’t love them? I myself just ordered a pair for our upcoming trip to North Carolina. They have definitely taken over our lives once again.


Platform Sneakers

The chunky big sneakers are back in! I honestly can’t say this was a favorite trend of mine back in the 90’s but it has definitely joined us in 2019! They’ve only gotten cuter too!


Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans went from being in style, to being extremely out of style and now? They’re right back in. Now that we mention it, I’m wearing a pair right now!


Fanny Packs

Alright so they’re probably the most convenient trend to come back into style but I mean really, why did it ever leave?


Slip Dresses

Slip dresses used to be the cute but sexy night attire around the 90’s for twenty something’s to rock while a night on the town now you can now rock it the same without someone thinking you left the house in pajamas!


Combat Boots

I love combat boots and I don’t think they ever went out of style for me personally but… it’s totally socially acceptable to wear them now.



Even fashion nova is promoting cute tracksuits now! Trust me they’re comfortable and cute rolled into one.

Fashion trends constantly changing and as things come in and out of style keeping up can be hard but hopefully the 90’s are here to stay!

We welcome back the 90’s with open arms! Happy Wednesday!

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