Skin Care Routines, do you really need it?

Being 20 something  and having relatively no wrinkles and minor blemishes you’re probably thinking to yourself, do I really need a skin care routine? Like why would I spend money now on my skin when in reality this is probably the best it is ever going to look.

I will tell you why ladies, because this is the best it is ever going to look. You want to start taking care of your skin now! Before the wrinkles, before it’s too late. So I went on the hunt for my favorite skin care routine and I want to share with you what I found.

I’ve been through it all ladies and gentlemen, the drug store brands, the quick 3 in 1 shower cleanser. Some made me break out, some made my skin so painfully dry that I could not fathom why I was doing this to myself, then… I found it.

Nola Skin Essentials

I love their skin care line, it’s an all natural vegan line, with no animal products! Everyone starts out with their OG package for women which brings all the essentials you’ll need for good skin. A cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, A day cream and a night cream, plus a face mask. I use it every morning and every night and I have to tell you that your skin will love you for it and you will feel the difference.


Now for all of you ladies with men who like to steal your cleanser, (like my fiance does every time he shower’s) they have a men’s line that’s to die for! Complete with Beard essentials and all! Trust me your hubby’s will love it and you’ll love it too when their skin is nice and soft! Again all vegan, animal free, natural products!


This is not a paid advertisement we use Nola Skin Care products in our home everyday and would never go back!

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