Let’s talk Luggage

I love travel, you know that but what’s the most important thing when getting together for a long trip?

Your luggage.

A good luggage is everything because you don’t want to be that girl who’s luggage bust open in the middle of JFK, how embarrassing. So we are hear to break down some of the most popular luggages that have been popping up on your favorite influencers feed. Plus let’s be honest luggage isn’t just a bag anymore, people judge them, they’re fashionable, and honestly, they have gotten so cute. So we’re going to show you the cutest luggages to strut through an airport. Also I’m going to keep the obviously great dream luggages like the Louis Vuitton Luggage sets or the Supreme luggages off this list because honestly, no thank you I am not paying $3,000.00 on my luggage.


(I did however put this photo in so you can look at how pretty it is.)

Anyway! Here’s our top five and why!

5. Gabbiano Bravo Two Tone Luggage – Now listed I will be honest right from the start, I am a huge fan of the hard case luggages, they are strong, easy to roll, and usually large enough to sustain everything needed. This luggage is $142.00 for a three piece set which is a great deal, it’s obviously not the most high end luggage but it’s nice, durable and looks the fashionable part!

374420_2_1.jpg(Gabbino Bravo Two Tone Luggage Set)

4.Juicy Couture has the Juicy Vivian spinner which I LOVE this bag is again a hard case luggage and it is the cutest marble luggage on the market! If marble is your style this luggage was made for you and for $103 for a bag it’s a steal!

363623_1_1(Juicy Couture Juicy Vivian Bag)

3. Britto is… well it’s Britto and their luggages are a little pricey but very long term durable not to mention, it’s Britto so I mean everyone will know you’re strutting the nice stuff. It’s about $230.00 a bag but gorgeous bag!

m58399136886_1.jpg(Britto Travel Bag)

2. Away Luggage has blown up lately and I mean their carry on luggages have ejectable batteries so like really HOW DO YOU BEAT THAT! The largest bag is only $295.00 so cheap (ISH) and convenient.


  1. Alright so I am probably biased because the bag I picked for the number one is the bag line I have but I love my luggage it’s strong, it’s beautiful and well it was expensive but thats okay! Macy’s Friends and Family sale guys use it! My number one bag is the Delsey Chatelet Hard side Spinner currently it is listed on the Macy’s website for $800.00… I know that’s a lot but this is a life long luggage, it’s a forever luggage and I couldn’t think of a better bag to have honestly and I know white for a luggage, any scuff that I have ever gotten has just come right off with a wet napkin so really don’t stress it, but if you do, it come’s in brown also!3dbd9aad-4b5f-4524-ab2f-6903ddbca23d_900x.pngEnjoy your summer travels!

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