The importance of focusing on you

Sometimes when you aren’t the average gym addict staying in the flow of health & fitness can be insanely hard. I work 8:30-5 and don’t exactly dream of heading off to the gym after work. I mean realistically I want to go home sit on my couch with my pets and relax. Yet, with my upcoming wedding and lets not forget summer that is getting ridiculously close I am stuck dragging myself to Orange Theory and eating carrots when I rather have cake.

There has to be a better way!


I simply cannot believe that every fit person feels that the gym and a bland diet is what gets them the dream bod. You know why I cannot believe it, because there’s no way it’s true. Sometimes you’re tired, sometimes you want cake and sometimes health and fitness just feels like it isn’t that important.

They say consistency is key but the truth is that sometimes, cheating is the key.

Having a cookie so you don’t eat the whole box in two days, is key.

Taking a day off from the gym so you don’t burn out and stop going for a week, is key.

Sometimes I forget that as important as consistency is to diet and weight loss so is indulgence and relaxation. Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t end with a good workout and a healthy meal, you need more than that from great skin care routines to a nice massage every once in a while.

That’s what I forget almost daily.


I forget that as important as it is to wake up and go to work, and do you home work. It’s also important to find what makes your day better, even if it’s a cup of coffee then indulge in that for a moment. Give yourself some time everyday to make that day a good day.

Today is Thursday and with the weekend coming I want you all to go out there and find your one thing that will make each day great because everyone should practice self love and everyone should know how great they are that’s just what all of you should remember.

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