What is a healthy And happy relationship?

Everyone’s relationship is different and it’s hard to close in on what exactly is a healthy and happy relationship. Will a healthy and happy relationship have fights? Absolutely. Will you disagree? 100% you’ll probably disagree many times. See a lot of misconceptions about happy and healthy relationships is people thing you don’t argue when in reality arguing is part of a relationship. You will never agree with another person on absolutely everything and if you do, then one of you is lying about something to the other which is way worse.

What makes a happy and healthy relationship is compromise, it’s willing to fight for something. Happy and Healthy relationships may have some unhappy moments, they won’t always be this bubble of happy but what makes them happy is after that fight or that disagreement when you both apologize and your hug and find your solution that works for both of you.


That’s want makes the relationship great, your ability to work together and to love each other enough to want to work together.

A lot of people ask if me and my fiance ever fight because he’s my best friend, well yes we do but it’s not often and we also never go to bed mad at each other everything is worked out before the night ends. It’s in my opinion our greatest rule. Every night when we close our eyes there is no anger, there is no frustration, we make sure whatever we were trying to figure out was figured out.

I suggest that to every couple young or old. Also when you do argue, keep them private. No one needs to know you’re upset or working through something with each other. That is between the two of you and no one else. A huge mistake people make is public blowouts, they’re unnecessary and kind of tacky. Deal with it when everyone is gone. Remember that you should both be compromising, it should never be one sided.

We have so much to learn, we are young, and most of our relationship is still ahead of us but I also can say that knowing you have someone you can compromise with and work through things with on a daily basis makes you feel confident for the future. If you can’t agree on the size your television should be, or what color to paint the walls how on earth will you raise kids together? How do you plan to make all the crazy decisions your life will throw your way together?


Find your best friend in your significant other, make sure they’re someone you can fully lean on when you need it. If you have that, figuring out the rest will just come naturally.


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