House Hunting

My two week hiatus was caused to our move into our beautiful new apartment that I absolutely adore and could not be happier with. Joana Gaines would completely approve of my farmhouse style apartment and it just made me really excited for the future home buying process my fiancé and I will be going through in less than a year. We plan to start house hunting after our honeymoon in January 2020. Which is both extremely exciting and extremely terrifying, homes are expensive and when you buy it’s yours. You can’t just call the maintenance staff to come fix what is broken.

Yet buying your home is such a big step in life both financially and mentally. I mean it’s no secret that buying a home is no cheap task and is for sure a nice strain on the wallet but also it’s a huge mental thing. You’re buying a house you’re going to bring your future children into, this is a home that you’re going to start growing your family in and you want it to be just right.


My biggest suggestion is get a realtor.

They make their payment from the people selling the house not from you, why not use their assistance? You tell them what you want in a home and they do the looking for you.

Next, be realistic. We live in south Florida where the demand is high and homes are anything but cheap don’t go looking for something you can’t afford.

Even if you can swing the deposit remember you have that month to month mortgage and homeowner’s insurance to worry about. It’s not cheap, be smart about it.

Finally, closing cost! So many people save for the down payment forgetting that there will be closing cost that you will have to pay. Remember to have that money saved up also because the last thing you want is to have to take out of your down payment for it.


House hunting is hard, it’s expensive, and most of all it’s searching for a home to have your family and build your life. Listen to those around you who are successful homeowner’s, don’t spend more than you have, no one wants to be house broke.

Be smart.

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