Our upcoming Anniversary Trip To North Carolina

I love vacation, traveling is something that I would do on a full time bases if I could. In May we will be going to North Carolina for the weekend to spend some time at my parents cabin for time together for our anniversary.

I have to say we’re both very excited.

I’ve been going to North Carolina since I was about 14 maybe and while its nice and quite, it was boring as hell at 14. My parents are strong lets hangout at the cabin and relax while we are here people while my sister and I wanted to go downtown even if it was a two hour drive.

Well this May will be the first time I go to North Carolina without my parents. We are flying in and out of Asheville and the cabin is about an hour drive from there. As excited as I am I also am at a complete loss of what to do. Even through we weren’t out and about everyday when we were younger, we’ve still been going for a long time and at times we would be there for two weeks at a time… So you see how over the years you can still manage to see a lot.


So even though we will only be there for a weekend we are trying to maximize our time to the best of our abilities.

Friday when we fly into Asheville we are probably going to eat some where in downtown and walk around, maybe stop in at a nice brewery since they’re known for them and it’s one thing I’ve never done there.

Saturday we are going to head to Linville Falls & Linville Caverns, I’ve been but my fiance never has and I think it would be cool for him to see. Also we’ll be eating at Bonnie & Clyde’s in Bakersville that night. If you’re ever in that area, try it.


Sunday we are planning to spend the day in Charlotte which I am super duper excited about because this is something we never ever did with our parents.

Monday we fly home so we were just going to clean and pack, head to Asheville for food and then come back to Sunny South Florida.

Now I am writing our plan out ahead of time because if I have any readers who have done North Carolina or live in the state and have any suggestions I would really appreciate it! We are definitely looking for something new and some fun new experiences!

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