Why you need a pet in your life

My friends who were married back in February just got a puppy and it reminded me of when we first got Phoebe and then the day we brought home Chandler. The day we got Phoebe we walked into Puppies & Rescues with the longing to have a furry friend but no desire to leave with one just yet. We met with a few different dogs and weren’t sold and so right before we were about to get up and leave almost sure we would not be getting a dog that day my now fiance begged.

“Please lets meet with the Beagle” He pleaded.

“Fine let’s meet with the beagle” I caved. I didn’t want a beagle I won’t lie, they are hyper dogs who are known to be the hardest dog to house train and I wasn’t for it.

Then they handed her to us.

Better yet to me, they handed her to me and I just knew. “We’re taking her home.” I said and the rest was history. Now my Phoebe girl is my world, she’s cute as hell and makes me insanely happy on a daily bases.

It was similar with Chandler we just knew he was the cat for us.

I cant imagine my life without my fur babies they’re my world and I feel like everyone needs that kind of unconditional love in their lives. We’re so happy for our friends and their new journey with their pup.

All of you head over to the Animal Shelter and find your best friend today! You won’t regret it. I never did.


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