Creating the “Perfect” Wedding Registry

“Perfect” is a subjective term. When planning your perfect wedding registry there is a lot of different things to consider. For starters, do you already have your own home or do you still live at home? Do you need help paying for your perfect honeymoon? Maybe you want some newer, nicer appliances for your kitchen!

If you still live at home you might need to shift more towards furniture and home appliances so that you can have all the basics when you and your new hubby move into your new home. My suggestion for you would be to have the basics on there from a toaster to a place were people can contribute money to your couch or your bed. Also take into consideration your guest list and whether people would prefer to buy for you because not everyone is going to want to get you a eighty dollar kitchen aid toaster.

Now lets say you are a couple who’s been living together prior to the wedding day and you have a good portion of your house decorated and full of furniture, but your honeymoon isn’t fully planned or paid for. Honeymoon registry’s are a thing guys! Once upon a time it was considered tacky to outwardly ask people for money or contributions but now that is a thing of the past and honestly THANK YOU! No one wants to ask for another blender they don’t really need just so they can return it. It’s just to much of a hassle.

UPGRADESSSSS! For my couples who have got the basics and who also have also paid for the whole wedding and honeymoon and are more interested now in obtaining some of the nicer things in life, as for upgrades. Zola allows you to have people contribute towards the eighty dollar kitchen aid toaster, or that really expensive bedroom frame you want now that you’re over the two hundred dollar IKEA bed frame you bought when you first moved out. It’s great for getting the things you really want but just can’t bring yourself to buy it.


Lastly, make sure you create your registry with your partner. It’s so easy to get carried away on the things you want and you need and forget what they are looking for in your home. Remember it’s both of your gifts and both of you should be in agreement of what you want and need. Make sure that both your needs are reflected in your wedding registry.

Congratulations on your engagement!


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