Dressing Up Your Current Home Style

So as you guys know were moving into a new apartment in about two weeks and although it will still be a one bedroom one bath there is a little more to this place. For one we are getting a storage unit for the Christmas decorations or Halloween decorations that have been crowding my front closet and this new place was going to be fully remodeled.

Fully Remodeled, yup you heard me correctly the place is gorgeous.

So my creative juices flowing and my desperate want to dress up the new place just a little more I have been online shopping… A Lot. When we first moved into our current place we went with a very basic and “not expensive vibe” we were just looking for functionality and not for fancy or cute. Basic dark furniture with beige couches and that was that. Little by little we changed a few things, moved more towards a very modern farmhouse style and it started to come together. Now that we were moving into our new apartment I wanted to take advantage of this to really finish off the style we were going for to tie everything together and this is what I did without getting rid of any of our current main furniture pieces and spending too much money.

So one thing I really wanted to change was my dogs crate in our room, since Phoebe is crated when we aren’t home I couldn’t stand how it looked with her crate just sitting right next to our bedroom door and then I found Wooden Pet Crate on amazon and realized that I could have some functional things for my pets while still making sure it fit with the Farmhouse style of our apartment.


I currently have no window treatments which can really change up the look of your home so I went on the hunt for the perfect look for our two windows and one sliding glass door. Then I found Industrial Farmhouse Curtain Rod which really is going to add to the rooms with just this small touch that would give it the farmhouse feel that we were going for.

Lastly our dining room table! This is the one that I really felt needed a little more to it, now we were adding the window treatment to the window in the room but we would also be keeping our two best chairs at the two ends of the table and then we swapped out the four other chairs and replaced them with Wooden Dining Table Bench a nice little bench on each side that just gave it a little more farmhouse style without getting rid of our dining table and spending too much money.


Luckily we had a good foundation to build our modern farmhouse style on and it’s allowed us to continue growing the style without having to replace any major pieces of furniture. Also always remember that you can always resell what you have decided you no longer need in the home.

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