Eating My Way Through Manhattan

If you haven’t gotten the hint I love New York. It is easily my favorite place I have ever traveled to and I go as often as my schedule allows so I have decided to let you in on my favorite eats and a few of my not so favorite. Manhattan alone is filled with some of the best food America has to offer and I honestly think if New Yorkers didn’t have to walk everywhere they’d be the fattest people on the planet easily.

Lucky for them it’s a lot of walking and not so much car ride commuting.

First off the city at Christmas is one of the most beautiful sites you will ever see, the lights and the tree at Rockefeller Center should easily be on everyone’s bucket list. Rolf’s captures the spirit of Christmas and they do it year round. It is a bit small so be ready to wait a little to get in but once you are inside go to the bar and get yourself some Eggnog, it’s amazing. Their eggnog is worth the visit even if you don’t eat there. Now be mindful that it’s pricey one glass will run you around $15 bucks but definitely worth a try.

Black Tap serves slices of cake on top of their milkshakes… Yea I bet that got your attention. They are a slightly dimly lit hipster bar that probably attracts more tourist than locals but still, you say good milkshake and I am there! Fair warning the milkshakes are huge and I recommend sharing which of course I did not do. The Brooklyn Blackout tasted like chocolate syrup so if you like chocolate that’s the one for you, the brownie on top was a little hard and we didn’t really finish eating it. The birthday cake shake was good but the cake was also hard with a lot of frosting, it was good and fun to try but I can’t say it’s a must do at $15 dollars a shake.

Do you like garlic rolls? Cause this is for you. Hold my Knots is honestly, phenomenal. The pepperoni stuffed garlic knot is great, maybe I’m biased because I love pepperoni but it is really good basic knot. Now go big or go home with the Chicken Bacon Ranch this is my second favorite knot, it comes with almost no ranch so get some on the side and you are good to go. The cheese stuff knot is delicious even for a girl who is lactose intolerant but my favorite one has to be the Meatball Parm, it is the best garlic knot you will ever have in your life… no joke. They’re just about $4.50 a knot so who could go wrong really.

Chick n’ Cone is exactly what it says it is chicken, in a cone. Sounds weird, taste amazing! We got the kick ’n ranch which says mildly spicy but don’t be fooled it has a pretty decent kick to it. You’d be surprised how good the chicken and cone taste together and it’s not only a must try but a repeat offence, you can’t go just once.

I love Mexican food, it’s probably easily top three favorite eats, so in Manhattan we hit The Taco Shop. I recommend the guac and their Mexican street corn is decent but their tacos were dry out of the beef barbacoa, the pork belly, the cochinita pibil, the rajas con papas, the steak taco and the spicy chorizo; we have to give number one to the beef barbacoa because it had the most flavor but still it was mediocre at best. So if you have a good New York Mexican place comment it below because I am in desperate need. 

Sweet Time Desserts NYC was a freak accident, we ran into it leaving The Taco Shop and it was so photo worthy we just needed to go inside. We went with their signature cake because it must be their signature for a reason and I have to say, worth every bite. It’s such a good place for cake and coffee, you have to try it!

West Way Diner was our desperate need for a sit down breakfast and in walking in we learned that it was the birthplace of Seinfeld which was pretty cool. It looks just like any other diner packed with people at breakfast with a huge menu of choices. The service moves quick so know what you want and fast. We got the Eggs Benedict, because if you can’t make that right then what kind of breakfast place is this? The meat Lovers Omelet and the Belgian waffle; the eggs Benedict was mediocre, Belgian waffle was plain Jane it’s clearly box made batter not house made and last the meat lovers omelet was burned and not worth the money. Potatoes were also burned and dry and the coffee was good but unless you’re going for just coffee don’t bother. Maybe for a 2 am drunk night it’s worth a stop but that’s it.

There’s some good and some bad New York Manhattan eats! You just have to love the big apple, Happy Tuesday everyone!

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