This past weekend I spent my time dancing to country music on fort lauderdale beach for 2019’s Rock the Ocean Tortuga Concert. This was the first time I attended Tortuga which is a three day long festival which was actually founded to create awareness and raise funds for ocean conservation.

Believe it or not this festival was not created for people to party on a beach while dancing to some great country music. Although that’s how they raise the money to donate to the Rock The Ocean Foundation.


Now for all of you that aren’t sold by saving the turtles even though it’s a great reason to take part in this amazing festival. There’s more with three stages, tons of great artist performing and this years headliners were really all something special.

Friday Night was headlined by Jason Aldean which is let’s be real is a great start to the weekend. His performance was phenomenal and with over 25,000 people crowding main stage he gave an amazing show.

Saturday Night Thomas Rhett gave an unforgettable show with his wife and both girls standing and watching from a safe spot in the crowd. Thomas Rhett and his family is absolutely perfect but my favorite was when he took Jim (a random guy from the crowd) on stage to help him finish singing a song which was honestly surprisingly good. Jim had some pipes.

Sunday Night the weekend long concert came to a close with Kenny Chesney who closed us out with a great country music vibe. He was the perfect close to a great weekend.


I am so excited to see what Tortuga’s Rock The Ocean Music Festival 2020 has in store for all of us.

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