The Opposite Schedule Hump

One of the hardest things my fiancé and I have encountered throughout our relationship has been our current work schedule situation. Currently our schedules are pretty opposite and it gives us a very minimal amount of time together which is obviously not very ideal it makes spending time together hard even though we live together most days we don’t even see each other.

So I wanted to share how we make it work for all my couples out their struggling with the time apart.

First off, we make our time together ours. Monday nights he’s off and its the only night Monday – Friday where I will actually get to see him and have dinner with him so that’s our night to eat alone and be alone. No one but me and him so that we can have some time for us, whether we want to sit on the couch and watch our television shows or if we want to go to a nice dinner together either way its our night.

Then up until Friday I won’t really see him again other than a kiss when I leave in the morning and one from him when he gets home while I’m sleeping. So since I don’t work Saturday’s I try to stay up Friday Night till he gets home, even if we only get a few minutes or an hour before I fall asleep we can at least catch up as much as possible on our week.

Saturdays he doesn’t work until 4 pm usually so that means I get him most of the day which is nice breakfast and lunch, usually we’ll see some friends and just enjoy our day.

Sunday’s he’s off!!! Which is great because we get to relax together before the next week begins.

Now I get it, there are wives and girlfriend’s out there who have even less time than we do together and some of them are military wives so you aren’t only apart you’re also constantly worrying. I know we are fortunate enough that we see each other as often as we do but it does strain a relationship. It’s not easy to adapt to large amounts of time apart like that and we definitely are still learning but, I also think we want to continue adapting and growing throughout the challenges. I think a really large part of getting through it is being positive that you can and also having the time you have together dedicated to actually seeing each other and spending time with that person.

I see that the willingness to make the time for one another and to find ways for just a little more time together is what keeps us moving. Have you ever heard someone say, “If you just want it bad enough it will happen.” I feel like this is a lot like that, if you just want to make it work for you, it will.

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