Coffee Over Cardio

Coffee is the thing that runs through my veins, I bleed strong caffeine. As you all know I am desperately trying to obtain my wedding bod and sometimes thats hard when you are coffee addict and have no plan to change that fact. Honestly it is the one thing I refuse to take away from my diet. So I tried new ways to make my coffee healthier, changing what I put into the coffee, trying to adjust how much I drink.

Then Coffee Over Cardio came along.

When I first heard about Coffee Over Cardio I thought, too good to be true. Honestly, i figured that this coffee was probably just not very good but being how much I love coffee and how eager I am to achieve the body and health level that I want to be at I decided, why not.

So I ordered two different coffees, I got myself the Messy Bun coffee which is cinnamon bun flavored… ON IT’S OWN! This one is more on the lighter blend side but lets be honest I picked it for the flavor which really attracted me. Also what they did was take a high grade coffee bean and added flavor to it which means higher grade coffee. I also got the #WorkFlow which is a darker blend coffee but it’s their high caffeine option which we all know is 100% the reason I picked it.


I also got one of their creamers I got the Vanilla Caramel Swirl mostly because I’m not big on chocolate in my coffee. Their Vanilla Caramel Swirl creamer is 20 calories but I have to say that between the coffee and creamer 20 calories for a cup of coffee is pretty great for me. I have to be honest I haven’t  tried the creamer because when I’ve drank the coffee, I’ve had it black…

I never, in my life drink black coffee. I usually add a little bit of almond milk to it but the flavor was so good that black was actually doable for me which is amazing to me. I have also heard that both Messy Bun and #Workflow work well together so I’m going to make myself a cup of that right now!

I’m already trying to decide what flavors I want to order from them next and for my fellow coffee addicts who are looking for a healthy option this is it!


Did I mention they offer reusable KCups, so no coffee pot? Like having your one cup coffee options? No problem! Keep the keurig because you can still use it!

It’s so good if you guys want to give it a try go use 10NIKKIG for 10% off you purchase, you’ll love it I swear!


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