Wedding Planning: It’s stressful

Wedding planning is no easy task especially when you have a guest list over 50. You have so many things to consider and so many opinions that you’ll have whispering in your ear that losing your vision is sometimes possible. So first off, remember what you want it’s your wedding day and most people will try to weigh in with their opinions, some will be worth listening to and sometimes you should just not listen to.

So lets start with the venue, finding one is hard. You have to consider your guest list count, consider the venue’s benefits. Do they offer food? Are tables and linens included? It’s a lot and not easy.

So here is the best decision I ever made, higher a wedding planner.

My wedding planner has handled pretty much everything. I explained my vision to her, also my budget, and she got it and ran. It’s been the most amazing experience because I have not been stressed out throughout this entire process and most Brides would not be able to tell you that. I have sisters and cousins who would tell you that wedding planning is not easy. Well guess what my friends, it has been extremely easy. We planned a budget for each portion of the wedding from flowers and food to the music and limo, from there she found a few vendors in our budget and me and my fiancé would sit there and pick our favorites.

Tell me thats not the most stress free wedding planning you have ever heard of. Honestly, it is. I will answer that for you.

I have added my wedding planner’s information below for my ladies stressing out the wedding planning process, trust me add a wedding planner to your budget!

They just rebranded from Brenda’s Special Events to B & E Events!

B & E Events

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