How To Travel When You Have Pets

We love our little furry babies, they are the most wonderful and loving creatures. They give us unconditional love and we are better off with them in our lives. Yet, sometimes we can’t take them with us on some of our adventures and it makes traveling hard. You don’t want to leave your babies with just anyone and then there is the whole missing them throughout your entire vacation situation.

I don’t know about you but I like to know how they are doing, so what do we do? How do we continue to travel and yet keep our babies happy and safe while we are gone.

Well first off having family around who likes pets is a bonus for sure. My Fiance’s mom is always open to watching our pets and when in doubt my best friend always stays here at our house with out babies. It’s great because she’ll snuggle our cat and play with our dog and make sure they’re both fed and happy. It’s always a good option to have great family and friends near by who are willing to help when you are experiencing life.

Not everyone has the luxury of this and if you don’t have people near by and you are leaning towards pet hotels three words, do your research. Some of them are great I’m not going to lie we’ve used a few sometimes but never without making sure that they are top of the line.

The Best Friend’s Pet Hotel in disney is one of my favorites because they email you pictures of your pets and have cameras where you can log in to see how they are doing. It makes being away from them a little easier, you can also always pay for added playtime with someone (which we always do) so that they get some fun and love throughout their stay.

There are a lot of really good places like this but research is key! Some places are not all that great and the last thing you want to do is cut corners on their stay.

My pets are my world and I couldn’t imagine leaving them in a bad place where they aren’t treated like absolute royalty (as they should be.)

So my tip is, do your research and always know where they are and what you are putting them in beforehand.

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