Gilmored: Did someone say Fan Fest?

I wrote a post way back when the Gilmore Girls Revival was about to come out about the anticipation for the revival and my desperate need to know the last four words that was always supposed to end the Gilmore girls series and now after some time I am ready to talk about it.



I’m Pregnant.”

The concept of Rory being pregnant at the same age Lorelai was when the show started was both brilliant and ridiculous. Let me tell you why.

It was brilliant because no one saw it coming, A year in the life took the world by storm with four words that everyone just could not believe.


Yet, it left us with more questions than the revival answered and it left me extremely unsatisfied. I watched the revival in hopes that it would give me that Gilmore girls fix i have been longing for since the show cancelled back in 2007, slowly satisfying my need for Luke’s Diner and Town Meetings through reruns of the original show. Some were satisfied and yet I longed for more.

We got to see the old cast come back together and recreate the sparkle that is Stars Hollow, Milo Ventimiglia returned as Jess which lets be real this blog is strictly Team Jess. Yet so much had changed, and although we anticipated that through time things would change, people would grow I didn’t like a lot of the growth I saw in Rory.

Her character turned into a very irresponsible and unreliable adult which was a bit surprising from the girl who was once valedictorian of Chilton. Still, you cut her some slack only to find out she’s still seeing Logan even though he is engaged to someone else.

Honestly, I liked Logan but after the rebut he quickly became someone I hated. I mean cheating on his fiance with the girl who didn’t want to marry him, come on Logan hold your head up a bit higher than that am I right?

Dean was a short lived run in, of course Jared Padalecki probably had to rush back to the TV show that actually stayed on the air, Supernatural.

Then there is Jess, who I’ve always known was right for Rory. Maybe he went through some tough times but lets be real it was a match made in heaven and yet, she is now pregnant with what we can only assume is Logan’s baby.

Leaving Gilmore Girls ending on that note for me was a small bit upsetting.

Then I heard of the most wonderful thing, Gilmore Girl’s Fan Fest.


This year it will be taking place in both Kent, Connecticut (the town that inspired the show) and Unionville, Canada (the town the pilot episode was filmed in). My mind was blow, every year cast members and fans gather together to talk about Gilmore girls, drink some coffee, and continue discussing the greatness.

It’s a weekend in Stars Hollow basically, I know all my Gilmore girls fans are just going crazy right now, I know I was.

If you’re interested in more information take a look at the site and upcoming line up. I know I would go just to have Luke’s Coffee one time. Gilmore Girls Fan Fest


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