Van Life: Life on the road

Last night while watching some YouTube videos on van life my fiancé and I got to talking. Would that ever be something we would consider doing?

We are both in our early – mid-twenties and we both crave adventure and travel, which we feel now at our young age, is the time to do something like this. While these are both great things there is just one small factor of, the money. Buying a bus would cost money, turning that bus into a suitable home for both of us and both of our fur babies would cost even more money. Yet we sat there considering the idea that maybe one day we could spend a year or two driving around the United States exploring all the great things there is to find.


I looked online at some used school buses and I went on Pinterest and pinned a few cute bus homes that felt like some where I could live in but yet the thought of cost continues to roll around in my mind.

How could we do it?

How could we make this our reality?

I watched videos from others who have done it and who talk about how they did it and it inspired me to look into it even more.

So I have decided to take it to my followers, comment, privately message me at doesn’t matter, I want to hear your opinion.

How did you turn your life into van life?

Do you love it?

Are there any tips you would give someone considering the van life?


Happy Monday Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Van Life: Life on the road

  1. So I always wanted to do this because I want to travel and I think this would be so much fun and adventurous. BUT last year I stayed in one of those little homes (also something I wanted to do since it thought it was so cute), well the experience wasn’t that great. During my stay, I noticed I dislike very much tight spaces anddddddd the situation with the plumbing. OMG, it smelled horrible. So I’m assuming right now what I experience in that little home would somewhat be the same if living on the road in a van. I might be wrong. But honestly, if you do vlog it I would so love to be able to experience that with you both through a vlog.

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