Two amazon products I cannot live without

To all my busy ladies and gentlemen out there struggling with the everyday tasks and just having too much going on, let me make your life just that much more efficient.

Three words: Alexa & Fire Stick

For those of you who live under a rock and don’t know Alexa is a smart speaker made by amazon and I have to admit my Fiance and I have one in every room in the house along with smart plugs and smart light bulbs. I have to say waking up in the morning and being able to say “Alexa turn on the bathroom light” or having her turn off all the lights once I am already laying down makes me a very happy girl, I almost don’t know how I ever lived without her.

She also sets are alarms for work, plays music whenever we have the need to dance and even orders pizza for us! I am telling you it’s life changing.

51899c1BCYL._AC_AC_SR98,95_.jpgGet your Alexa!

Now lets talk about the fire stick because thanks to this little guy I was able to cancel my cable which means saving money every month on my bill. The fire stick connects to your television, is Alexa compatible and you can watch pretty much anything through it.

Tired of watching Netflix and Hulu on your computer? Say no more, fire stick lets you pull it up on your television. Alexa can also pull it up for you if you’re busy cooking or maybe the kids want to watch something and your hands are full.

The possibilities are endless.

31gFK-y4+ZL._AC_AC_SR98,95_.jpg Fire stick time!

I felt like talking about these two products was important and let me tell you why, these are products that I personally use and love every single day. I know their quality is magnificent and I know that the possibilities with these products are truly endless.

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