Choosing a honeymoon destination

Weddings are a great, very special moment in two people’s lives and a lot of planning goes into the saying I Do but what comes after that? In all the craziness of trying to plan our wedding, planning our honeymoon was also a huge part of it. We went through all the basic spots, Hawaii, Bali, anywhere that involves being in some cute, really expensive over water bungalow with nothing but crystal blue waters and then we realized something that changed our entire plan.

We live in Miami, a prime honeymoon beach location… Why would we spend thousands of dollars on something we can get here at home for free?

Then it hit us.

Screw the beach, let’s do something awesome. Just like that we went from considering some Sandals beach bungalow resort to debating Italy or Ireland. With a lot of talking and planning we had made our decision.


Ireland in January for two weeks, and we were going to road trip the hell out of it.

I have to tell you, I have never been more excited about a trip. We are flying into Shannon and will be flying from Dublin to Portugal spending a night in Portugal and then coming home. I’m saving our road trip plan for a later post as I want to be able to give you my opinions once we actually get to go there but this post is all about choosing your honeymoon destination.

What I want you to realize is that maybe for someone who doesn’t have a nice beach down the street Bali and Hawaii are top choices and don’t get me wrong they are definitely both on our bucket list but for our honeymoon we realized that trying to see the Northern Lights in Malin Head, and exploring the cliffs of moher were more important to us as a couple. Plus we love beer and the Guinness factory is going to be a must do for us in Dublin.


Finding your fit, and somewhere that you feel is so beautiful and so right is everything.

Plus PS I love you sold most of us girls on the idea of Ireland long ago anyway right, what better place to be on your honeymoon!

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